Monday, April 18, 2011

Water Marbling - Black & White

This weekend I tried to do water marbling again.
I used Opi Black Onyx & Alpine Snow.
I started with my left hand and I didn't like the pattern so I changed it when it was time for my right hand and I just love how that looks!!! I can`t stop looking at it :)

Right hand

Left hand

Make the pattern

One coat of Alpine Snow as base.
Cover your finger with tape.
Dip your finger

Remove all leftover paint, pick up your finger.
Remove the tape and you are done!


Anonymous said...

Sååååå häftiga!!! Jag vill också ha :)

Nails By Desiré said...

Cathrine: Hihi, får väl fixa på dig nångång! :)

Jessica said...


Sosa07ac said...

I normally don't like water marbeling but this is beyond gorgeous

Theresa N. said...

Hold da kæft de er flotte!!! Don't know if you understood that but I love this design. You just made me love water marbeling more :)

Beanie said...

this is amazing! how do you do it so well? you get the most perfect flower patterns!!!!!

NaszL :) said...

OOH YEAAHH :) very very very great!
follow you babe. and wait you my nail blog...see u later :)