Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

On today's Pink Wednesday I added some white, hope it still counts as Pink Wednesday ;) I started with 3 coats of my new fave pink, Opi - Elephantastic pink.
I love this pink, so easy to paint with and it's sooo beautiful! Then I added the white stamping with Konad sp white plate BM-209.
Hope you like this! :)


Lady Pink said...

this is gorgeous ! I love it :D

Sminkan said...

Väldigt sött!

Lacquered Lover said...

So cute! I'm so excited to get my konad and bm plates!

Nails By Desiré said...

Lady Pink: Thank you sooo much!! :)

Sminkan: Det kändes riktigt socker sött att ha denna manikyr :)

Lacquered Lover: Thanks! Yay, you will love them, they are so fun to play with!!! :)

Sussie said...

Jag håller med de andra, det är så sött så jag tycker att till och med det vita räknas som rosa! :)

Nails By Desiré said...

Sussie: Tackar! bra att räknas som rosa :)