Monday, June 6, 2011

Gray/Turquoise Crackle

Hi nail polish lovers! How was your weekend? Good I hope! :)
Today I have China Glaze "Recycle" & "For audrey" a beautiful medium gray and a amazing turquoise. Then over that I added the China Glaze Crackle "Cracked concrete" & "Cruched candy" They are the same shade as the base color I used.
I really lie this combo, hope you do too! :)


Sminkan said...

Vilken rolig idé!

KayJay said...

Very pretty! This is one I could

Nails By Desiré said...

Sminkan: Tack! När jag såg dessa färger brevid varandra viste jag att ja va tvungen att prova detta :)

KayJay: Thanks! Lol, thats the best with Crackle, it's easy for everybody! :)