Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brown Holo

Today I have for you Nubar - Jewel a brown base with chunky holo in the rainbows color. This is such an incredibly nice color that I didn't want to ruin it by stamping or doing nail art over it. I needed 2 thick coats of SV to smooth the surface.
Do you like it? :)


Nailtastic said...

Du har rätt i att det här lacket inte behöver någon konad, det händer så mycket med det i alla fall! :-)

LittleBitColor said...

I wear right now the same color on my toes.. it's lovely!

KayJay said...

This is very pretty...reminds me of one of the OPI DS shades.

Nails By Desiré said...

Nailtastic: Eller hur?!? :) jag hade planerat att göra konad över det men när jag såg hur det glittra i solen så ångra jag mig :)

LittleBitColor: Wow, thanks for a great idea, will try this on my toes next time! :)

KayJay: Really? I only have 1 Opi ds :(
I want them all!!!! :)