Friday, July 8, 2011

Flag Friday - Germany

It's Friday again!! This Flag Friday is Germany :) I used Orly - Hook up & Holla and over that I put Opi - Black Shatter.
If you want me to do a Flag mani, let me know! :)



Tina said...

I would like to see a Austria Flag ;)

I love your nail designs!

Swååfie said...

Awesome and original way to do the German flag!

I kind of wanna see how you would do the Danish flag, but it's a boring one :/ But feel free to do it =)

Audrey L said...

Such an interesting way to make a plain tricolour something interesting! Makes me think the irish flag could be made cool :D Really great job!

Miki said...

Viva la Germany! Nice effect!

Kayono said...

Very nice designs you did there. I love your interpretation of the German flag!

Nails By Desiré said...

Tina: Thank you so much!! Okay, I will do the Austria flag soon :)

Swååfie: Thanks! I'm doing the Danish flag next Friday, so look then and you will see how I do it ;)

Audrey L: Thank you! I love Irland, here is how I did your flag :)

Miki: Thank you!! :)

Kayono: Thank you so much! :)

Xoxo Desiré

Nail Polish Anon said...

love your flag fridays, such a fun idea. it would be super cool if you did a new zealand themed one - i know our flag is boring but our country colours are black and white (we have a flag for our sports teams with a white, silver fern on a black background and that could look cool as a manicure). thanks xx