Friday, July 29, 2011

Flag Friday - Norway

Today's Flag Friday is to honor all the people that lost their lives a week ago in Norway. May you rest in peace!

Norway's flag is red as base and have stripes in blue & white,
so I started with 2 coats of Opi - Ali's big break and then I did the stripes with
China Glaze - White out & Blue iguana.
When I did this I have been drinking too much coffee so I was a little shaky so the stripes didn't become straight.. :)



Kejal said...

Hey nice thought!! May god give strength to their loved ones!

Sandra said...

Really beautiful and thoughtful.

Theresa N. said...

So thoughtful.. I love this design and what it stands for. You just got a new fan :) pls help me by checking out my blog xoxo

Audrey L said...

Liking this flag friday! Good complimentry colours together:)