Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pink Wednesday!!

Hello lovely readers!! Today's Pink Wednesday is Opi - Sparrow me the drama,
2 coats of this beautiful pink. Over it I stamp roses pattern with plate m65 and the pink is Kleancolor - Metallic pink.
Kleancolors metallics are really good for stamping! :)


Sussie said...

Oh vad fint! Fattar inte hur man kan lyckas så bra med konad! :)

thenailaholic said...

I love that stamp! SO pretty!

Hannah J said...

I love the mini OPI's!!!! Aren't they adorable:)

rebecca said...

i was wondering how the metallics would stamp!! now i need to order them!

Miki said...

Kleancolor for stamping!?! Great I need some now =/ LOL the collection never ends. Love this design, pink is awesome =)

ambern1984 said...

Very pretty!

Zarina Villanueva said...

Soo girly! I love it! (^__^)

Nails By Desiré said...

Sussie: Tack så mycket! Om det är något du undrar om ang Konad så maila mig dina frågor så svarar jag gärna :)

TheNailAholic: Thank you so much! :)

Hannah J: Yes, I love them too! They are so cute :)

Rebecca: They are GREAT to stamp with!!!!! If you love stamping you need them!!! :)

Miki: Yes, I only tried to stamp with the Metallic and they are so good for stamping! I know, you always see new polish you need, it never ends... ;)

Ambern1984: Thank you! :)

Zarina Villanueva: yes, very girly :) Thanks!! :)

Xoxo Desiré <3